Vision & Mission


Fun and easy learning for children at Educus……

Education is so important and most of us know that; however, what we don’t realize is that a child’s mind requires the right guidance to nurture these skills further. Simply giving your child the right to learn isn’t enough today – working together in the appropriate direction is extremely crucial.

Educus has been able to understand the necessity of simple and smart learning techniques so that your child can evolve with confidence. Our aim is to ensure that every child inculcates the prime objectives of learning within themselves.

Educus is a step ahead in creating world class learning programs to increase the mental abilities of children. With certified experts and professionals from the industry, our team assists in your child’s effective learning capability.

Our Abacus and Brain Gym are scientifically researched programs developed to enable children to learn the right way. As every child is unique, we believe that instilling knowledge should also be special and not the same for everyone. The Educus classroom is a fun learning arena with activities designed to improve a child not just in academics but in other walks of life as well.

At Educus we understand that there should be a comprehensive program that constantly works with the parent, teachers and the child in accordance to achieve the maximum potential of the ward.

With proven methodologies that have for years been focused to develop skills in children, we have been only able to keep enhancing their abilities more and more. We have a team of qualified Abacus and Brain Gym professionals to provide the best possible learning for your kids in a simple and fun way!